About Me


I’m Dan, a 21-year-old student at the University of Oxford. Despite studying law, it may come as no surprise (given the existence of this site) that I’ve always had a greater interest in the world of sport than all else.

At the heart of this, is a passion for football. In true footballing fashion the only way forward is through the classic medium of self-identifying as a ‘long-suffering’ fan, and in this case the blame for the suffering lies entirely at the feet of Arsenal Football Club. Having spent almost half my life now attending home games, the feeling of excitement and swift disappointment is second nature, a coping mechanism I’m sure will come in handy with this very blog.

Fear not, this is no Arsenal blog. In fact, there exists a very optimistic outlook that this will even stretch beyond football. Instead, this will for now serve as an attempt on my part to cover various trends and theories from the top-flight to the muddy world of non-league football.

In truth, the main aim of this does not extend much beyond the hope of having a bit of fun, and perhaps a spot of spirited online discussion, if one accepts that both are possible.

Anyway, if you’re now at the bottom of the fabled ‘About’ page, I’d highly recommend you get stuck into some of the articles on the site. Of course, if you’re here because you’ve already blown through all the content, well done, I’m sure you can’t wait for more to appear. Keep up the good work.